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Text Out SMS's user friendly web interface is a intuitive and easy to use solution, ideal for mobile maketing and business sms communications. There is no application software to download and install, TextOut Web is a totally web based platform so all you need to get started is a web browser and internet access.

TextOut Web is a powerful system capable of sending to one or a hundred thousand mobile numbers from a single send. Its ease of use allows you to send to hundreds or thousands of recipients in a matter of minutes.

Features include:

Alphanumeric Sender ID gives you the option of using your company name or an abbreviation of it as the Sender ID or enter your own mobile number for replies to return to your own mobile number.
Two Way SMS allows you to receive replies. Use one of Text Out SMS's mobile numbers for your sends, so the recipient can reply to your sms. Replies can be viewed from your account or or forwarded to your email. Dedicated mobile numbers are available at $25 per month.
Schedule message delivery for sending at a later date and time. Send yourself sms reminders for appointments or important dates or use this feature to schedule the messages if you can't get on your computer when that message need to be sent for that important marketing campagn.
Free Delivery Tracking to track whether a message has been successfully delivered to a recipients phone. Confirm that a message has been received or clean up your database of inactive mobile numbers.
Phonebook to manage your database of mobile numbers. You can setup groups or lists to save your contacts in to make managing your contacts easier. Custom data fields can be created to store other individual contact details, such as for example date, time or age.
Upload facility to import your existing database of mobile numbers. You can upload numbers to send immediately or to upload as contacts to a group to maintain your list online. Save your lists in Excel as a CSV file for uploading. If the leading zero from the mobile numbers has been removed from your Excel spreadsheets, TextOut Web can detect this and reinsert the zero on upload. Duplicate numbers are automatically removed from uploads and sends.
Personlise SMS messages for sms sent to your contacts. Message personalisation allows you to include the recipients name and any other other custom contact details when sending to your contacts. Get your recipients attention by addressing them by name in the message.
Concantenated SMS is a feature allowing the sending of messages longer than the standard 160 characters. Concantenated SMS, also known as Long SMS, are composed as one message and is automatically split into smaller messages to send over the network. Maximum length is 612 characters.
Message Logs for all outbound and inbound messages, with built in search function. View online or export as CSV file.
Auto Optout feature to automatically handle your opt outs, with options to
  - Generate recipient list minus OptOuts
  - Generate list of OptOuts
  - Remove OptOuts from your Contacts list
SMS Autoresponder allows you to setup predefined replies to keywords. A potential or existing client that sends a inbound message containing your keyword will receive your auto text response.
Sub Accounts are additional accounts that you can set up under your master account. Multiple user accounts allow businesses to create create subaccounts for employees or different department.
Secure SSL login ensures that your information and customer database is safe from any prying eyes of others on the Internet. We understand the importance of keeping your data private and secure and our platform employs the latest 256 bit high grade encryption. Click here to view our Privacy Policy
Phone & Email Support - if you require any assistance support is available by email or phone. While our web platform is user friendly we understand that learning a new system can be overwhelming so if you require assistance, tech support is available by phone during business hours or email. New users are welcome to call us, whether you have a a specific problem or you simply want us to walk you through the steps in sending out your sms.


If you haven't done so yet click here to open a trial account and test TextOut Web for yourself and find out why so many businesses are using TextOut Web for their sms broadcasting.

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